Do not order to Dollfair( anymore.
 limhwadoll  | 2011·05·25 13:46 | HIT : 731 | VOTE : 101 |
There isn't any contact from Dollfair yet.  
Dollfair unilaterally severed contact with us without any explanation or notice.  
Limhwadoll will not deal with Dollfair anymore.  
I am sorry to people asking for information by emailI can’t give you any answer or comment as I also have any access for contact..
wished and wished earnestly that, at this moment, Dollfair appears, defines her position, and makes things rights.
( We already delivered dolls that I must deliver several months ago.  
There is no order for me and I cannot check who ordered and who paid the cost. Please ask to  Dollfair  for questions or refunds.)
I feel really sorry for damaged persons due to Dollfair.
Do not order to Dollfair( anymore.
Thank you
  I inform you that do not make orders on because I lost contact with her anymore.
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